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PANIC! Too much work, not enough time.

How will I ever get through this in the time I have?

Sometimes working late is a necessity, but I’m not sure it’s completely healthy.

Therefore, in order to achieve a proper work/life balance one must find a way to speed through work like a demon.

The strangeness of blog comments

Many of the commments we get on our blog are sadly the work of folk who want “back links” to their sites – it’s a search engine trick.

While going through some of the latest, I thought I just HAD to share some of the odd and irrelevant comments we have gotten. I have divided this into 3 main topics so far!

Quick ways to update your website

So, you have a website, but you feel it needs a bit of freshening up? A bit of an update? But you don’t want to spend shed loads of money giving it a complete overhaul right now?

We here at Top left Design have complied a short list of a few tips and pointers that might help you put that little “pop” back into your website! It might be that you just need something really simple,  like updating a few images, changing a link or a new logo! It’s all in the details!

8 Ways To Increase Your Browser Productivity

We all know that web browsers are getting faster. So what can you do to keep up with them?

There used to be a time when you might have waited 3 minutes for a webpage to open.

Then we got broadband.

Then we only had to wait an average 10 seconds for a page to load.

Then we got Firefox.

Now our new browsers such as Google’s ‘Chrome’ not only load the page in a split-second, but the programs themselves open almost instantaneously. Plus they can handle a metric ton of ‘tabs’ and not slow your computer down in the process!

Here’s 8 tips to give your web-surfing a steroid boost

Google have now released a browser with faster yet simpler browsing. They say that it’s a new age browser derived from a combination of other browsers but only using the useful stuff to handle modern day websites. Features include multithreaded tabs and a built in search engine making tasks easier and quicker.

August productivity

It’s August, a month when people like to relax, but a good month to set some goals that are about more than just the daily grind – but about overall company wide progression and improvement!

Here are the things we are planning this month:

  • Top Left Design Trademark
  • Make full Use of Freshbooks!
  • Launch EcoFriendly Sites
  • Manuals printed with tabs
  • Sign up on (this is done!!)
  • Develop our SEO offering for our clients
  • Organise the CDs alphabetically
  • Write copy for TLD brochure

Added to this we hope to launch at least 3 of our sites and get design sign off on 4 more!

Well you gotta have goals – right?

This is partly to remind me!

I downloaded wordpress, opened the Read Me file, and found the names of the files I had to edit. With Alan Ogden’s help, I went to – my wonderful hosting company – and added a database! I then went back into wp-config.php which is in the root of the “wordpress” folder and added the new database name, the username and password. I uploaded this into the same url area where I had created the database, and then went in my browser to wp-admin/install.php – the instructions werent entirely clear about this having to be online but – duh – it was. Anyway – there were prompts and by joe I think I have got it.

Jez said he could make a way for this to happen in one click. Who knows if this is true but worth investigation.

Now for some themes – downloaded one – not so great actually – so back to default! Watch this space for something more interesting – we are a design company after all!