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Startup website offer - start as you mean to go on

It’s not easy to make a project fit into a small budget. Anyone who runs a business will tell you that “budget wiggle room” gives freedom and breathing space.

We were asked by our SEO specialist Tom Andrews to create an offer for a startup website for the budget of £1500+VAT total.

Note: Our normal full websites projects cost significantly more, because of the time we spend with our clients and the time we spennd creating them They are bespoke, hand coded, responsive, and integrated with custom WordPress.

New site? Avoid a drop in Google Rankings!

If you are getting a new site made, that’s great! Yay!

We support this, it’s good to constantly improve your online presence.

IF you have a great presence on Google (other search engines) already, here’s something to consider seriously, and before you launch – there’s a risk that the new website will have significantly lower Google rankings on launch.

What are the search engines looking at?

Search engines are programmed to give people links to sites that most match their search words and phrases. While we don’t want you to “stuff your page” with keywords, we do think it’s good to be mindful of these when writing the copy for your site. Incorporate them where it’s natural and reads well. Create pages about one particular topic – your aim should be that for people looking for that topic, your page would be the perfect answer for them.

As an August baby, I have constantly needed to hustle my way through running a business and celebrating my birthday during a time when many people leave town.

I  generally will not let simple things like “it’s a quiet month” and “we’re going to decide in September” or “let’s wait till after the summer” stop me from making things happen. In fact, August is the perfect month to get those procrastination projects picked up and done, ready for September. And a time to try out new habits.

I did it!

This week while I have been on a sort of working holiday in Singapore (working meaning I am still working but not doing any events or speaking or meetings so much) I managed to reduce my inbox count to a total of 0! YAY!

My ongoing quest

My email is like a “to do” list – like many of you I am sure.

I get lots.

And I file email every day as I feel I need to clear and delete before I can concentrate on the big emails that need more “headspace”.

There are 2 main groups of people in the world – when it comes to email:

NonFilers – who have thousands or tens of thousands of emails in their inbox, and leave everything in their inbox and just search for what they want. I try not to judge those crazy reckless folk. Maybe they are on to something. Maybe it’s better. Some of these people have a few sub folders but don’t really feel the urge to file all their email (how can they just leave it?).

But I do admire these people. They don’t get stressed about it, and often miss things, because they think if it’s that important, the person will email again, or just pick up the phone.

Filers – That’s people like me. I file my email diligently into folders and subfolders. I love the idea of InboxZero so much I talk about it on Twitter and am writing this blog post (on International Women’s Day, in Singapore!)

And I also file my sent items. And so does everyone in the Top Left Design team – as we have a shared email area for projects so all project emails are accessible for everyone. It’s good to be organised!

Is Inbox Zero worth it?