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Meet Stanley Silver - debt collector

I met Stanley Silver through BNI where we went to the same group for 6 years. In the past, there have been unfortunate occurrences where we have had to use his services, with successful results. I thought it might be interesting to you readers to know a bit about life from a debt collector’s perspective!

Here is his interview – enjoy!


We were lucky to meet Nick Thompson, founder of Halfpipe London and HUB Custom Bikes when we did as we were preparing for our TLD team ski trip with Snowbizz in Puy St Vincent!

He kindly donated to us some of the best quality equipment and clothing such as base layers (thermals) and gloves, which are equally important when skiing or snowboarding – because of the snow and the cold.

JP also bought a new jacket, riding hoody and trousers made by Nike. These were perfect and we are very thankful for his helping hand as it helped our trip be successful – he saved us time, stress and, most importantly, he kept us warm!

Now that TLD is on the skiing side of the ski/snowboard fence, we wanted to show the world how mature we are, and feature Nick – even though he is a “rider” (yes we learned the lingo from you, Nick!)

Enjoy the interview below – questions by TLD, answers by Nick!

Crowdrunning – a guest blog from Daniel Ludwig – Social entrepreneur, film maker, and passionate runner who wants to make a difference through running.

Note from Keren:

I met Danny at an event and was seriously impressed by his story – how he literally lost everything and was homeless, and how he turned his life around and got his life back on track. Read on (in Danny’s words)

 Crowdrunning Logo

The Story behind Crowdrunning

Following the death of two family members in Germany 2007, I went through the traumatic experience of losing my home and all my belongings. The following few months were some of the hardest in my life and what kept me going was my daily early morning run. After months of tough times and hard work, and with support of very good friends, I got my life back on track.

How to feel like a superhero in New York (guest post from Mark Lynch)

A note from me, Keren, before I hand over to Mark.

I met Mark at JFK Airport, we randomly started talking, and he was on the same flight as JP and I – heading back to London. Turns out, he had also been to Comic Con (what, you didn’t know about me going to Comic Con? Check out my post about it here).

My incessant questions ended up with me being told a fascinating story about how Mark became Spiderman. I told him – you have to send me this in writing so I can put this on my blog! And so he did! See above:

I have just come off a webinar with my friend Julie Hall, founder of Women Unlimited Worldwide, who I have known for ages. In this webinar we discuss the most common mistakes small businesses make with their websites – and give tips on the following:

  1. How often to blog
  2. Where to find affordable stock images
  3. Tips on sourcing images
  4. How to structure your navigation
  5. Categories in your blog
  6. What you should have on your homepage
  7. Copywriting and headline writing

And more!

Hmm, now that I think of it, it’s a good half hour of usefulness! Enjoy!


I meet all sorts of nice people on Twitter and this guy, Daniel, caught my eye. I had a look at his profile and noticed he works at an e-commerce platform which looked pretty interesting! So I thought, lets find out some more about this man, and who he is. He turned out to be even more interesting! Enjoy the interview!

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Daniel E. Agee. I always include my middle initial — it stands for Eugene — since some other Daniel Agee registered before me (the jerk). Ever since then, I’ve had to include my initial in all of my online usernames.

(This is a guest post from our lovely friend, IP specialist lawyer Nóirín McFadden from K&L Gates)

Advertising online is a cost-effective way to reach many potential new customers. As with all new technology, there are some legal issues to consider. Make sure you invest your advertising spend wisely, and avoid action by regulators and the wrong sort of publicity by taking the following legal precautions.

(This is a guest post from our lovely friend, IP specialist lawyer Nóirín McFadden from K&L Gates)

Your website is your shop window on the internet. Unlike a regular shop, your customers may never meet you in the real world and they need to know that your website is legitimate and legally compliant. Build your customers’ trust and stay on the right side of the law by following these simple steps.