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ManiLife Peanut Butter

When I met Stuart and heard his story, I had to try his peanut butter. Luckily he had brought a jar with him to that BNI breakfast meeting! So I bought it off him.
Can you believe it, I have since met up with him twice to get 2 dozen jars, and given them to friends and family. People call it “Peanut Butter Crack”
I was interested by the story to begin with, and I promise you this peanut butter is AMAZING. Below – my interview with Stuart.

Simple Tips for Improving the Conversion Power of Your Website

As a rule, lead generation websites are not as strong in conversion rate optimization (CRO) as e-commerce sites. But if you have a lead generation site and have been somewhat complacent about its effectiveness, consider this:

Based on a study of more than 300,000 online sales leads, by Straight North, 84 percent came from first-time visitors. So, if you lose that prospect on the first visit, your chance of ever getting a lead from him or her is only 15 percent. Not good odds!