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What you should know if you are panicking about Google's Changes

With Google announcing that around the 21st april, your site’s “mobile friendlliness” will affect your search results, a lot of people are worried. This is because to create your site again, to make it responsive or to make a mobile version, takes time and money, and that may not be something your business has budgeted for.

We get it. As a small business, unexpected costs are the WORST!

Anytime you have to upgrade your PCs, invest in new software, replace a team member, or pay some regulatory body, there are costs which don’t necessarily align with your business’s income and profit. Annoying!

What makes a good responsive site

We decided in the beginning of 2014 that whether people asked or not we would make a point of making all the sites we made into responsive ones. More and more people are looking at websites on their mobile devices, and having a site that displays clearly, with legible text and images, formatted well within that, is definitely the way forward.

Currently we are working on revised websites for 4 existing clients where we did their website before, and we are creating newly designed ones to update the design and make it responsive at the same time.

[Written by Kevin]

You might not know much about it, so let’s state this clear and loud before I go any further: Icon fonts are awesome!

The web is moving, IE8 and below are sinking. Get over it.

Why it’s important to use them

Moving forward, we use more and more HTML5 and CSS3 in our code, we design and build for the mobile web, Think less pictures, more code. Technically, this means less HTTP requests to send and less files to load, which reduces the page load time drastically.

In our industry – like in many – sometimes we get affected by legislation within our industry.

There is a law coming into enforcement at the end of this month – on the 26th May – which is called “The EU Cookie Directive”. It’s been on the cards for the last year, but the actual deadline is now looming.

First, a little bit of background about me – My name is Tom Andrews, and we offer internet marketing services. We provide SEO solutions for many companies, including Top Left Design. We work with our clients to make sure that their amazing websites are seen by as many people across the internet as possible!

Welcome to my first guest Internet Marketing blog!

In this post I will attempt to explain how to ensure that your PPC campaign is well optimised. I’m notorious for going into far too much detail so I will try to be as brief as possible!