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4 years and counting…

Top Left Design – what a place to work! I’ve enjoyed myself so much that I have stayed for 4 years… and counting.

I started working with Keren and Top Left Design back in December 2007 and although I left the UK offices over 2 years ago I am still a proud TLDer.

Keren decided that in light of my 4 year anniversary she would treat me to SPA DAY, and although she couldn’t join me I would be accompanied by her most lovely cousin Gabriella Sholk.

Our Spa Day was at the lovely Cayenne Spa which is part of the Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town.

This morning while working on a design I went to grab some ‘dummy text’ also known in our industry as Lorem Ipsum from our trusted friends Lorem Ipsum is described on their site as ‘…simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.’

We use “Lorem ipsum” text in our designs as a placeholder – as a replacement for readable content. It’s written in a similar way to English, in terms of the length of words and sentences – and in a way, it mimics the way real English text looks. This way, clients can pay attention to the design to begin without being distracted by repetitive sentences or meaningful text. From this we can give clients the correct word counts to stick to. They can then follow the word count guides and provide “real” copy after.

3,2,1… London 2011! You don’t need to be a sportswoman to develop your skills – by Caroline Campan (one of our interns)

Caroline and Julien are two french students who spent 10 weeks with the team at Top Left Design on a summer internship. 10 weeks have flown by! They have sadly left and will be truly missed by all of us at Top Left Design. In this blog post Caroline shares a little bit about her experience at TLD and the new things she learnt.

Here is what Caroline wrote

Here we are: 10 weeks have gone by, and it’s already the end. When I look at the pieces of paper which I wrote all of my tasks on each week, I think we can say that it’s been amazing. From tasks which took me several days to complete to some which only took me a few minutes, each week has been a new experience.

Sitting in my rather warm office here in South Africa I get a Skype call from Keren telling me that I need to come and visit asap. I get two options – Christmas Party or Halloween Party. I came for the Christmas Party last year, so Halloween it is!

It was a fantastic visit which I thoroughly enjoyed! Keren and the team arranged loads of fun things to do. These included team cocktails (I make magic mojitos), team bowling (which I didn’t win, but also didn’t do as badly as Michael!) and a fantastic Halloween Party where I got to mingle with some of our much loved clients – one of them being the lovely Jane Stanton, we just launched her new website. See it here:

I think my next visit will be in Summer… but for now I am going to make the most of my South African Summer. I will be back on the 5th and look forward to hearing many festive season adventures!

A Merry Christmas to all – and to all a good bye!

PANIC! Too much work, not enough time.

How will I ever get through this in the time I have?

Sometimes working late is a necessity, but I’m not sure it’s completely healthy.

Therefore, in order to achieve a proper work/life balance one must find a way to speed through work like a demon.

Many people believe that dogs are man’s best friend, here at Top Left Design we like to believe that we are man’s best friend.

A good design agency can be the first and best friend you should have when starting a new business or venture.

What is a business without a corporate identity? You wouldn’t dream of starting a business without a name, and the same should be for your corporate identity. Sometimes a logo can be even more memorable than a name.

That’s why Ella from Molly & Max Veterinary Clinic got in touch with us. She understood how important her corporate identity was and she made sure she got the best. We started by creating the Molly & Max logo, once she was happy with that we moved on to business cards, compliment slips and a letterhead. She was now set for marketing her company, but an online presence is just as, if not more important than printed media, and so came about the Molly & Max website!

Molly & Max Stationary