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Who’s say was it anyway?

Team TLD is big into websites, big into team building exercises, and big into having fun.. so when an opportunity arises to combine all three it’s really a bit of a no-brainer!

A couple of weeks ago the whole team trekked off to Wales for a weekend to participate in our second Our Say Our Way Steering Group Residential, a project which is going along swimmingly! For those of you not familiar with the Our Say Our Way project, this a website we have just recently launched that will give Young People in the UK, involved in the Our Say Our Way project, a voice within their communities.

Golden Rules of Blogging

Thinking of starting starting a blog? Maybe you already have a blog but aren’t 100% sure of those little dos and don’ts that somehow you’re just EXPECTED to know! Well, help is on the way! We like to think we’ve had a bit of experience with blogging, so we have come up with 3 Golden Rules to think about when taking a step into the wonderful world of blogging!

We here at Top Left Design aren’t just a bunch of pretty faces that whip up marvellous websites, we all have other hidden talents too!


Take Michael, for example. He’s quite the music man – he plays guitar and drums, and has even had a go at piano (we’re still waiting for the demo though!)

Michael the music man


Tina is our resident juggler (excitement!) and on top of that a very talented Illustrator.
Tina Illustration

Tina also made a chicken out of a tea towel. To find out how, check out the step by step instructions on her blog!
Tina made a chicken out of a tea towel

Public Speaking.
A term that can strike fear into the hearts of most people, myself included. One person who does not seem to share this view is Keren. She believes that Public Speaking is an essential skill and excels at it. Unlike the rest of us. Ask us to meet with a client, chat to each other, argue over who gets the coldest coke or biggest ice cream, no problem, but place us in front of a room full of people and we turn to gibbering wrecks (some of us more than others.. *note to self!)

Quick ways to update your website

So, you have a website, but you feel it needs a bit of freshening up? A bit of an update? But you don’t want to spend shed loads of money giving it a complete overhaul right now?

We here at Top left Design have complied a short list of a few tips and pointers that might help you put that little “pop” back into your website! It might be that you just need something really simple,  like updating a few images, changing a link or a new logo! It’s all in the details!

Make My Lunch – best thing since sliced bread

We have an internal policy here in the office. A very good internal policy. One that involves food, and people making it for you!

Every couple of weeks (or sooner, depending on our organisational skills) one member of the team sweats over a hot stove (or shopping basket), slaving away to produce a meal for the rest of the team that won’t cause others to recoil back with the horrors. So far so good!

The first MML experience for me was a terrifying ordeal. I stressed for about a week, being the newbie, not wanting to disappoint (Cue Keren in true Alan Sugar style: “WHAT! You made THAT.. You’re FIRED!) Of course, that never happened, Keren’s far too wonderful! And the meal wasn’t a total flop. And having been here for a while now the experience of cooking for others is nowhere near as bad as what I first made it out to be in my head.

Our Say Our Way – I say let’s get this party started!

Of the many exciting projects we’ve got on at the moment, one in particular has tickled my fancy. One that involves canoes, kids, rubber chickens and parachuting eggs. Confused? Let me help you out.

This project is for a new website, called Our Say Our Way, and is to be an online link to the world within the Youth for Youth project.

A bit of insight into Youth for Youth:

Youth for Youth was started about a year ago with the aim of empowering young people. It’s a one of kind approach to bringing together young people from all over the UK with similar interests and ideas, as well as forming a support base for those that need one. It is an inspired project that can only provide growth and positivity for all those involved and affected by it.