The importance of SSL on your website

Have heard of SSL? What does it stand for? Sincere Sensual Love? Silent Sneaky Lothario? Sassy Silly Lullaby?

Close! Actually – it’s to do with the internet, websites, and security – and stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

To define SSL: It means that data that’s sent to and from your website is secure. You can tell if someone has it setup if the little padlock icon shows up next to the web address in your site.

Larger companies would certainly have – and anyone who has an e-commerce element to their website. Well, now it’s becoming more important and relevant for small businesses.

SSL developments that may affect you

Google Chrome and Firefox are going to start marking sites without SSL as insecure if there is a contact form on the site or there is any kind of login form. See this link for a bit of background. Google have also hinted that SSL sites will rank higher in the search index: See more here

Why SSL?

I asked our hosting partner Alan Ogden to explain a bit more. He said:

Using SSL on your site will make the connection between your visitors and your site secure, and protect against hacking.

Think of a street with 2 houses on either side. One is your visitor, and one is your site. The street itself is the internet.

Without SSL your visitor is shouting across the street to your site in plain English. Anyone in the street can hear it and understand it. They are also able to listen to everything your visitor and your site is saying to each other.

With SSL, it’s like your visitor and your site have made up a completely new language that nobody can understand. People can still hear the shouting, but they cannot understand what you are saying meaning the conversation is totally private even when you’re shouting across the street.

Street scene explaining SSL


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