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Do you suffer from “embarrassing website shame?” Are you feeling bad about how you have been putting it off far too long? Just do some relaxed web browsing and be reassured you aren’t alone – the internet needs to be cleaned up for sure! But that doesn’t mean you should remain in this state of limbo!

To help, we created this new standalone service which is essentially the beginning steps of how we work on new bespoke website projects. In this service, we give you a chance to experience what it’s like to have a TLD website designed for you. Broken down into 4 bullets, it means:

  • You can experience how it is to work on a project with us at TLD (the design process)
  • You’d spend a small amount of money, with no obligation
  • There would be something great at the end of the project (new designs for your new website) which can be parked, taken in house, taken somewhere else, or continued with us.
  • You to finally take the first step away from “embarrassing website shame”

Why would anyone keep a website they don’t like?

We meet many people in our line of work, who may have in common one thing, a need for a new website. Alongside this is often a need for improved EVERYTHING in their marketing – branding, email signatures, social profiles. And every day, we help people improve these things – improving their presence online.

But we have noticed that while it’s very clear that people need to make this change, are many emotions and hesitations and doubts tied in with this. It may be because:

  • They were let down by a previous website supplier.
  • They feel overwhelmed by the project that lies ahead.
  • They are cautious about spending money.

Our collaborative process means you never feel out of touch with the progress of your project, and we will customise the design and code specifically to what you want and need in your business. We help you shape your future marketing plan, and continuously give ideas on how to make a real impact in your marketing. And this offer lets you see this yourself, without a huge commitment.

Design – our expertise

While sometimes we might look at your old, out of date, and badly designed website and see clear as day that it’s having a negative impact on the way your business represents itself, it may not be clear to you. For us it’s obvious, for you, it’s a vague realisation. If you are not in the design and marketing world, perhaps it’s not something you completely trust your judgement to know about. Or maybe it is but you don’t know how to get the best out of our talented designers – for your business to benefit. But don’t worry, we do.

The briefing process

When we work on a new website we follow a tried and tested design process. It starts with a brief in which we ask you really good questions about who you are in the business and what you are looking to achieve through your marketing. We ask about your industry, competitors, and your audience. We ask about your preferences in colour, font, and style – and you may not have all the answers yourself. So we ask some more questions. We also ask other questions to uncover what ELSE – because surprisingly, great websites do more than just create “Website Pride”. Your new website can be planned out to help you with your internal communications and save time by answering frequently answered questions you get in your day to day sales or service delivery.

This is a chance to look at messaging

So, by going through our initial design process, you are at the same time starting to clarify your message, define your products, differentiate yourself – all through this briefing project.
Then comes design

Now we start designing. We design 2 different homages and sometimes we do a bonus page to show you how it would follow through. This is all just the same as when we have a full website planned. We then have a meeting with you, or a Skype session with you if you aren’t in the same place as us, and we show you these new designs, all based on the brief we got from you. We can then discuss the way it’s looking, how it feels, what’s right and wrong from you, and what variations you would like to see. As we are in a face to face meeting – or we like to call it, a “Live Design Session”, we can make changes while you are there. This all helps to show you that these designs aren’t set in stone when we present them to you, and that it can be refined!
What usually happens

Once we have had our “Live Design Session”, which is usually a 2-hour meeting, we are at that magical point where now we can visualise the new website, and can see how it’s showing your business/organisation off in a much more relevant and positive light. We want to aim to get to “sign off” on the design, so include 2 sets of changes as well.

It’s a turning point, and this is when you can have the approved design files sent to you, to choose what you want to do next. We know you could take it to another company/designer to complete your website, or you can stay with us.

We want to take you to this point, with our special combination of design, advice and skill, without a lot of cost or commitment. And then, we support you to the next steps – with us, in house, or somewhere else. At that point, after this experience, you will feel a lot clearer about it.

See our offer page “bespoke design means flexibility and freedom” for more information.

Want to get started?

We do too! Send us an email at team@topleftdesign.com and mention the “Design offer from TLD” offer. Or call us during the week’s working hours on 020 7036 0560.

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