At the end of April, I took the team to Salo, Lake Garda, for a four day team building trip. It was amazing and just what we all needed!

This is us on the plane – with our “London” faces”

TLD in Lake Garda - the journey

We stayed at a luxury villa run by my wonderful friend Christina. If you want to see some pictures of the villa – have a look at this site

While there we did team building activities, ate, drank, coworked, jogged by the lake (not everyone), planned our brand relaunch – and more.

A little bit of the story – in pictures

Instead of sitting on PCs in the same room (like we normally do) this was a chance for us to do “team building fun”. For example, we played Fusball – pictured below – and Cranium – The Canadian editon!

TLD in Lake Garda - fusball

TLD in Lake Garda - dinner

Christina, our wonderful host, also surprised us with a pasta maker – and this became one of the highlights. Eating fresh homemade pasta that we made ourselves turned out to be incomparably delicious!

TLD in Lake Garda - pasta making


TLD in Lake Garda - dinnertime

We also got lots of fresh air by the actual lake. And some gorgeous pictures.

TLD in Lake Garda - the team

TLD in Lake Garda - the lake

TLD in Lake Garda - Chris and JP

TLD in Lake Garda - Tam and Jack

TLD in Lake Garda - by the lake

And spent time by the pool at the Villa too. Relaxing, chatting, letting the London stresses float away, and strategising!


TLD in Lake Garda - Chris by the pool

What I mean by “strategising”

With all the team building activities we were pretty busy. But we used the time efficiently – while we were there, every one of us did 2 ten minute speeches. The topics were all about how to make TLD even more awesome, and the ideas we collectively came up with are creating positive changes in our business. They have started us on the path for new processes, improved efficiency and workflow, and more creative thinking.

This Villa, Christina as our wonderful host, Lake Garda, Salo, Italy and the wonderful TLD team – all this combined created an amazing experience we will always remember fondly, and lots of fresh ideas as well.

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