Here is a video of me singing the TLD Xmas Song. And some fun facts about the history of the song:

  1. I have had this song written for many years and it’s mainly focused on “bad websites”
  2. If you stop me in the street and ask me to sing it, I can – I know it by heart.
  3. The reference to BNI and referrals is because I wrote this to sing to my BNI group (the referral networking group I belong to).

And here are the words if you want to sing along!

I see all these bad websites and I sign a big fat sigh

To redesign them all is all I want to do so I
Come week by week to see you all at our BNI
And clean up all those websites every day
One by One
I’ll clean up all those bad websites every day.

Referrals you can get is any body that you know
Who you like and think deserves a good website and so
Please send them straight to me and I will lead them to success
And their site will no longer be a mess

And this song can be taken as a sign
Top Left Design
Will be improving their presence online!

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  1. Great lyrics work – I’m impressed ! The lovely intersection of inbound marketing and outbound “jingling” 🙂

    • Wow thanks! Appreciate the comment Glenn!

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