Which browser do you use? (Poll)

Here at Top Left Design, we need to keep on top of many different browsers – websites can look different depending on which one you use!

While the less tech-savvy Windows users amongst you may still be using Internet Explorer (*ahem*), most of you will have no doubt experimented with different browsers.

With so many available, which one do you prefer to use?

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Your Comments

  1. As a web designer myself I know only too well that websites look different depending on which browser you use. The main problem when developing websites is always the display on Internet Explorer, especially IE6. The sooner people experiment more with different browsers and step away from Internet Explorer the better!

    My personal favourite browser to use is Firefox as this seems to be the least problematic when developing websites. This in turn means I get a weekend free from trying to solve IE6 issues.

  2. This vote is a great idea! I always wonder if anybody still uses Internet Explorer except my grand-father maybe… For web developpers it’s rather important to know which web browsers are commonly used. As for me, it’s Firefox, though Chrome and Opera are very good too!

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