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Many people believe that dogs are man’s best friend, here at Top Left Design we like to believe that we are man’s best friend.

A good design agency can be the first and best friend you should have when starting a new business or venture.

What is a business without a corporate identity? You wouldn’t dream of starting a business without a name, and the same should be for your corporate identity. Sometimes a logo can be even more memorable than a name.

That’s why Ella from Molly & Max Veterinary Clinic got in touch with us. She understood how important her corporate identity was and she made sure she got the best. We started by creating the Molly & Max logo, once she was happy with that we moved on to business cards, compliment slips and a letterhead. She was now set for marketing her company, but an online presence is just as, if not more important than printed media, and so came about the Molly & Max website!

Molly & Max Stationary