On the 28th of March, the Top Left Design Team and friends got REALLY adventurous and website and went Ape. Below are the pictures – which we hope will explain things better than words could ever!

It was partly to do with Tina’s birthday – so if you havent said so you can email Tina and say so now, or tweet her!

More pictures can be seen on the full gallery here!

Top Left Design Going ApeBefore we knew what hit us – Tamsin, Kevin, Tamlyn and Keren

Keren – terrified

Tina had a fantastic time – pure joy!

Tina having fun – again!

Tamlyn in the trees

Robert and Tina

Michael, Ed and Tamlyn

For more about Go Ape you can visit their website: www.goape.co.uk
You can also follow Go Ape on Twitter – we did! – https://twitter.com/GoApetribe

If you are impressed with us, spare a thought for the kids who go to school on 40mph zip wire every day in remote far away place – 40 miles southeast of the capital Bogota – read the story here

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