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We wanted to share our tips about Online and Offline networking and encourage you to use them in conjunction.

Networking can be interpreted in many ways
but activities should include:

– going to networking events, parties, trade shows, and other gatherings where you meet new people
– making sure you keep in touch with those people
– connecting those people with other people you know, where it would be of mutual benefit
– meeting people again for “1-2-1s” and finding out more about their businesses
– Joining a group such as BNI, NRG, Business Junction, Athena, or Chambers of Commerce where you meet regularly to continue to get to know other members.
– Building relationships with other business people and showing yourself as an expert in your field as well as a nice reliable and helpful person.

All of these are typical of traditional networking.

What we are seeing now is that there are a lot of online groups as well. These have been around for many years and their usage is growing. Examples include Ecademy, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

There are many benefits to making proper use of these: