UPDATE on FAVY – now Cognitive Match: Alex Kelleher has now rolled Favy into his B2B service Cognitive Match (www.cognitivematch.com) – using the same technology of matching individuals with content in real time.

You probably haven’t heard about Favy yet – but that’s because it’s not been OFFICIALLY launched yet. We are able to have Favy on our browsers because we have connections – we know the man behind Favy – Alex Kelleher. Great guy!

Simply described in my own words – Favy is an add-on toolbar which attaches to your browser and allows you to bookmark favourite sites with tagging technology.

Why we love Favy

There is a whole “smart” element to it where it can track your taste in bookmarks, but I haven’t really tested this bit yet.

It’s really handy and easy to use.

What I love about my Favy toolbar

I love that I can tag a website with different keywords and it comes up in different folders

I love that I have a whole new fresh modern set of favourites which is a lot easier than going through my old list and checking every link

I love that there are 5 search engines – Google, Wikipedia, You Tube, Dictionary.com and Favy search – all handily included.

If you want to learn more about Favy, visit https://favy.com/home and request a free invitation!

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