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What does technology have to do with realising dreams?

Are you giving your ambitions the best tools of success?

Technology. We need it. Some love it. Some hate it. We at TLD mostly love it but sometimes our brains have higher expectations than what our tech can give us.

This is why we upgrade when we can!

And its not just for the sake of it. We have things to do! Things we want to get done!

Everyone has their own ambitions and goals (though some need to be better at articulating them).

While some of these are going to relate to your professional life – not everyone’s will. Even if they do, it’s worth asking yourself if you’re doing everything that you can to get yourself where you want to be. In life, and in business.

Initially, that might sound bizarre. What does technology have to do with ambitions?

Well, it might be that there are practical elements holding you back that you’re not even aware of, things that you’re perhaps doing inefficiently.

There are probably things you’re not doing at all that could be beneficial.

And that’s what we need to talk about. Whether you’re a tech freak or you just want to get things done without tech issues – we’ll walk you through what to consider!

Your home setup

If you’re trying to get your dream career off the ground in your own home, you’re going to need all of the right tools to make that happen. For example, you’ll need a space – maybe just a desk with a laptop and suitable chair – that can allow you to focus your attention on what needs doing. You’ll also need a suitably powerful internet connection so that your work can continue undisturbed. We’re still experimenting ourselves with each of the team member’s connections, and we’ll let you know who we recommend in London and SA, but if you’re stateside, we’re told that Buckeye fiber internet might be able to help you get started with that.

But the internet alone might not be enough – you might also need to look at the tasks you do on a regular basis and which devices are needed. We have a client who does rugged ipads for example!

These things might be investments that can allow you to do your best work in a process where you’re determined to succeed.


You’ve no doubt heard of the importance of networking when it comes to your professional life, but you might still be underestimating how much a strong network and developing those non-awkward networking skills can improve your chances of getting where you want to go. Platforms such as LinkedIn and industry-specific sites make it their business to try and connect people in your position to others who can be helpful, but that won’t always be enough. Instead, you might find it helpful to go to events and seminars that are perhaps hosted by those in the right industry – giving you a chance to learn and perhaps meet those who open the right doors.

Risks and variations

It’s natural to be averse to risk, especially when you aren’t sure if it’s actually going to pay off in any major way. However, when it comes to your own ambitions and realising them, it might be that you have to take more risks than you’re used to. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always gotten!

Varying your behaviour and trying paths that you might not normally take may be something that you find disconcerting at first, but it might also be what leads you towards a more feasible route. Casting a wide net might be better in this sense.

Some examples:

  • Pitching a new idea or initiative to your boss or team
  • Volunteering for a leadership or mentorship role within your organisation or industry
  • Pursuing further education or certification in a relevant field
  • Seeking out a job or internship in a different industry to gain new skills and perspectives
  • Starting a side hustle or passion project related to your career goals
  • Collaborating with colleagues from different departments or teams
  • Seeking feedback and constructive criticism on your work to identify areas for improvement
  • Taking on a speaking engagement or writing opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with others
  • Developing a personal brand or online presence to showcase your skills and accomplishments

In conclusion, achieving your ambitions requires a combination of the right mindset, tools, and strategies. By investing in your home workspace, networking, taking risks, and exploring different routes to success, you can give yourself the best chance of realizing your dreams.

We hope that this article has inspired and opened your mind to new possibilities. Remember, the path to success is often not a straight line, but with perseverance and determination (and the right technology!), you can reach your goals.

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