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We judge others online – so it’s fair to assume others are judging us online. And so often, when you Google a person, you find a lot of information about them that is probably not the full story. But yet, you must admit – you have made assumptions on people based on what you discover online about them. If this is true – then perhaps you need to do an online audit? Here are 8 ways to manage your online personal brand.

It’s time to make those website changes that have been weighing on your conscience. They will take thought, planning, and time, but the longer you procrastinate, the harder it will be. 2013 is history, and now we are full speed ahead in 2014. Here at TLD we are committing to helping people get up to date and ensure they are fully equipped for reaping the rewards only a certain type of website can give them.

7 types of headlines you can use for your blog

Extra! Extra! Headlines sell papers and blogs. Headlines are the first thing people see before deciding to read your blog. Get it wrong and you risk having all your carefully created content overlooked! This being said, I cannot overstress the importance of a snappy headline. If you’re struggling for ideas, here are 7 archetypes of headlines that can help you.

So, you want people to read your blog posts?

Of course you do! Hopefully, put time and care into crafting every word on your post. Checking that there are no mistakes. Putting your punctuation and capital letters where they should be, and not where they shouldn’t be. Good!

So, you want whoever reads the post to read it carefully, word for word.

But not everyone who sees your post will.

In fact, some people will only spend a split second on it.

That’s not necessarily bad.

The fact is, people are time poor, and when they are online, they get all sorts of information coming at them from all sides.

3 ways to make your blog posts more appealing to readers

I recently ran an event (with my two marketing buddies Tamsin Fox-Davies and Alicia Cowan) called “Your 3 Part Formula to Online Marketing Success”. The event was amazing and we are so grateful to our hosts K&L Gates for their beautful venue and our lovely events organiser guy, Wil Watts.

There were some people in the world who couldn’t make it. Were you one of them?

Well it’s your lucky day – I wanted to give you a little piece of what I covered in my section – which was all about blogging. I really set out to do the following things:

  • Explain why blogging is a wonderful thing to be doing for your business and a worthwhile use of your time
  • Outline the rules to successful blogging and getting people to read your blog
  • Give ideas on the types of things you can blog about
  • Give even more ideas of what can be done with blog and how it all fits in with your overall marketing plan

This post is about the 3rd point- what you can be blogging about. I am going to go through the typical and not so typical types of things you can blog about – and give examples which I have in my own selection of blog posts. I have also included links to some of my favourite and most useful blog posts. Enjoy and comment below if you have any feedback or questions.

9 things you can blog about if you’re stuck for ideas

Now that the event we went to Ibiza to plan, we can relax and look back fondly at how amazing it was.

Special thanks go to:

  1. Neil Baylis from K&L Gates for hosting the event
  2. Noirin McFadden from K&L Gates on making your online marketing legal
  3. Will Watts for helping us setup and run the event
  4. Tamlyn Hall for her amazing cupcakes
  5. Our audience for being so enthusiastic and sharing the event on Twitter
  6. Tamsin Fox Davies and Alicia Cowan, the 2 other speakers, for spending time with me in Ibiza planning this event

Whatever you do, do it well!

We had planned it for months. Tamsin, Alicia and I. At the end of this month, on the 30th, we are holding an event called “Your 3 Part Formula to Online Marketing Success” check out the event page here!)

An event like this would take some serious planning. Not only would we each be taking on a huge topic and distilling it down to the “must know” tips and advice – but we needed to plan logistics like timing, venue, and of course, the event theme. Anyone who runs events knows what’s involved. So, off we went to Ibiza, to work together and brainstorm ideas. Me, Tamsin and Alicia.

We have one client who is a real star. We are always trying to get our clients to do more blogging and tweeting but it didn’t take much persuasion for Karen Haller – she just got it! From the very beginning when we created her site in 2011, she has diligently updated her blog, with a regular stream of insightful posts which clearly demonstrated the importance of the work she does. She also does regular email marketing to give updates on her activities and share her posts with her email list.