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#My3Words – better than resolutions – a post just in time for 2014

Friday, December 27th, 2013

#My3Words for 2014

3 words – easier than resolutions, right?

Back in 2006 Chris Brogan started a tradition where at the end of every year, people share their three words that will guide them through the following year. Nick Kellet, founder of Listly, has blogged about it here, if you want a good old explanation. Some people choose little phrases, like “Do Epic Sh*t” and “Be awesome everyday” and “Soar like eagles!” and others have 3 separate words such as “Can, Do, Breathe” and “Play, Fun, Surprise”.

And I like all those. They’re cool. I don’t think my words are that “cool” but I am ok, today, with being a little less cool and just telling it like it is. So, below are my 3 words for 2014. (more…)

7 types of headlines you can use for your blog

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Extra! Extra! Headlines sell papers and blogs. Headlines are the first thing people see before deciding to read your blog. Get it wrong and you risk having all your carefully created content overlooked! This being said, I cannot overstress the importance of a snappy headline. If you’re struggling for ideas, here are 7 archetypes of headlines that can help you.


But what can I blog about? 9 things you can blog about – with examples!

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Keren speaks about blogging

I recently ran an event (with my two marketing buddies Tamsin Fox-Davies and Alicia Cowan) called “Your 3 Part Formula to Online Marketing Success”. The event was amazing and we are so grateful to our hosts K&L Gates for their beautful venue and our lovely events organiser guy, Wil Watts.

There were some people in the world who couldn’t make it. Were you one of them?

Well it’s your lucky day – I wanted to give you a little piece of what I covered in my section – which was all about blogging. I really set out to do the following things:

  • Explain why blogging is a wonderful thing to be doing for your business and a worthwhile use of your time
  • Outline the rules to successful blogging and getting people to read your blog
  • Give ideas on the types of things you can blog about
  • Give even more ideas of what can be done with blog and how it all fits in with your overall marketing plan

This post is about the 3rd point- what you can be blogging about. I am going to go through the typical and not so typical types of things you can blog about – and give examples which I have in my own selection of blog posts. I have also included links to some of my favourite and most useful blog posts. Enjoy and comment below if you have any feedback or questions.

9 things you can blog about if you’re stuck for ideas


My trip to Ibiza to plan our “3 Part Formula for Online Marketing Success” event

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Ibiza - the 3 of us - Tamsin Fox-Davies, Alicia Cowan, and Keren Lerner

We had planned it for months. Tamsin, Alicia and I. At the end of this month, on the 30th, we are holding an event called “Your 3 Part Formula to Online Marketing Success” check out the event page here!)

An event like this would take some serious planning. Not only would we each be taking on a huge topic and distilling it down to the “must know” tips and advice – but we needed to plan logistics like timing, venue, and of course, the event theme. Anyone who runs events knows what’s involved. So, off we went to Ibiza, to work together and brainstorm ideas. Me, Tamsin and Alicia. (more…)

4 great tips for making a great impression online – are you doing these things already?

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

4 tips for making a great first impression online

I was asked to contribute 4 really great tips for making the most of your online presence for an ebook by a friend of mine, Tamsin Fox Davies. and while writing them out I realised lots of people don’t do these things. So I had to document them here in this post – in the effort to yet again change more lives. You’re welcome!

Do the website homepage check

Look at your website and ask yourself – am I proud of this? Does it say how I help people and what I do? Then do a bit of market research – with some people who don’t really know you. Ask them to look at your site and tell you “Do you know what we do?” – see how long it takes for them to answer this. Homepages need to be designed to give an instant impression in a split second – who you are, why you are good, who you help.

Check your Mentions

If you are new to using Twitter and have just signed up or you are still finding your way – it’s about CONVERSATION – so make sure you check your mentions and @replies EVERY day. On this is the 2nd tab over next to the Timeline – if you don’t you may be missing out on mentions and messages to you!

Show yourself!

On your about page, put a brief bio for each of the people in your team, with a photo headshot. People like to know who they would be working with! Consider having a LinkedIn profile link with each person’s blurb – so you don’t have to go on for too long about each person and everyone is encouraged to fill out their LinkedIn profile properly. If people want to learn more, then they can click through to LinkedIn! Having the LinkedIn buttons will also show how “social media savvy” you are!

Navigation – no more than 7

Have no more than 7 links in the main navigation of your website. Any more looks cluttered. If you do need to have more than 7 “landing pages” then you can split them up – eg the services listed on the left, and the general company stuff along the top (Home, About, Case Studies, Blog, Contact). But no more than 7 in any navigation group – even sub navigation!

I hope that’s been helpful – please comment below with your thoughts on the above and let’s continue to change the world!

What does Follow Friday, #FollowFriday or #FF mean on Twitter?

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

What does #FF or Follow Friday mean on Twitter?

Follow Friday is when, on a Friday, people show each other some Twitter love, by recommending to their followers who they recommend to follow. It was invented by Twitter users. And it’s usually preceded by the hash sign – as in #FF or #FollowFriday. So, it’s actually a hashtag, used on Fridays!

A note about hashtags, while I am at it

When you put a hash sign next to a word on Twitter, it becomes clickable. Any spaces or punctuation marks will “break” the hashtag and it will be just the word before the hyphen or apostrophe or space which is clickable.

Why Friday?
I can only guess this, it’s a nice end of the week thing to do. Friday is a more relaxed day. People have Pizza Friday and Beer Friday, there are songs written about Friday, it all kind of goes with that Friday feeling.

Typically there are three ways to do it.


Using social media for business? 5 legal issues to consider

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

How to make social media for business legal

Social media can be a great way to engage with your customers in new and exciting ways, but social media also bring some novel legal issues for businesses. Keep the following points in mind when formulating your social media strategy.

(This is a guest post from our lovely friend, IP specialist lawyer Noirin McFadden from K&L Gates) (more…)

5 Basic Glossary Definitions for Twitter users

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Twitter Birds

As a true fan of Social Media and of the powers of Twitter, I have been observing new users for a while now, and have had the privilege of training those who have an interest in using Twitter more effectively.

Twitter has a lot of strange things unique to it – punctuation marks and abbreviations which may look like alien-speak to anyone who hasn’t learned it. Although there are many guides online (I particularly like the Mashable Twitter Guidebook) I can see why a lot of people might look at the stream of tweets and wonder what is going on!

There are 5 basic things you really need to know– once you understand them you will be well on your way. – hashtags, RTs, @replies, mentions, and url shortening.


What social network should I focus on if I had to just choose one?

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Need to choose just one social network?

Well it’s kind of like when you go to the animal rescue centre and you have to choose just one puppy or kitten. They all seem so tempting but you can’t take them all! Hopefully this will make your decision easier.


Live tweeting at an event – how to prepare, 9 tips, and 4 reasons

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Youth Marketing Strategy - My badge

I was given the opportunity to run the Twitter account for the event Youth Marketing Strategy 2013  I was invited by my friend James Eder (find him on Twitter here) because well he knew he could trust me to do a good job – as I am a seasoned and consistent Twitter user, and I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve!