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I met Stuart Peel ( @JedLomax) on Twitter), around 2 years ago, and we have been talking ever since. Even though we have never met in real life, we are friends. Yes, it’s possible! We are also now connected on Facebook. We originally spoke about his blog and then I read his book – “Designer Devil” while travelling on the plane back from Singapore last year, and it was awesome.

But I am always interested in the business side of social media, as some people still are sceptical. I can say to people “I made a new friend” on Twitter but really people want to know “is it worth my time”. So I asked Stuart to tell his story.

We have a long standing relationship with 3DPixelNet. A brilliant hosting company who match us with their incredibly high levels of service. And while we are promoting them in this post, just know, there isn’t an ulterior motive. We aren’t getting a discount from them from writing this post. We just want to show you a little bit of insight into what it takes to run a fantastic business which is based on taking care of servers where people’s websites and emails live.

Gina Romero is an achiever, a visionary and a force. She has a special quality about her that attracts people and opportunities and creates magic. This can probably be listed as “charm” “charisma” “optimism” “self belief” “creativity” “a genuine interest in people and business.” but it’s more than that – it’s something unnameable so I will call it “The Gina Romero Factor”.

A bit about our relationship with Gina.

I met Gina through a UK based networking organisation called The Athena Network. She recommended a couple of clients for us but we mainly just kept in touch on Twitter, and didn’t meet face to face more than once. And since I am highlighing her personal branding, have a read of her Twitter bio

Gina Romero's Twitter


Darshana Shah - Founder LyncMeUp

A few months ago I attended a fancy dress party and met a lovely friendly girl called Darshana. Days later I went to a networking event called The Digital Entrepeneur’s Dinner and met her there again. It was obviously fate! Soon it transpired we had much in common – both women with businesses which would be quite different if it weren’t for the wonderful thing we call the Internet. Both women who LOVE people and business and connecting and making magic happen through all those things.

Darshana runs a called LyncMeUp. It’s a great little business, completely self funded and managed and run with a high level of service and dedication.

Last year, when Alicia Cowan and I put on one of our now famous “Social Media – Can you afford to ignore it” seminars (with the hashtag #dontignoreit) we had 2 very lovely ladies come along. They are now bringing us to Brighton to do our next seminar in May. Since they are so fantastic, I thought it would be a good idea to interview them about their business and their story – so you can get to know them – hence the Q+A session below:

“Who do you think will complete the task of prep-ing their pineapple first? The person with the pineapple slicer gadget or the one with the sharp knife?”.

So began one of my John Maxwell’s Million Leader Mandate leadership development training sessions a few years back. This is one of the most effective visual aids I have ever used. The pineapple gadget won this by an amazing margin. Clearly, a knife can be used to prep a pineapple but a tool specifically designed for the job can do it in a fraction of the time.

We asked our client Margaret Webster from London Microguides to give us her insight into writing and publishing an e-book – following her recent experiences of doing this.
Here is what she says:

eBooks are big, big news.

You’ve probably heard the headlines:

  • Amazon is selling 105 ebooks for every 100 print books
  • e-readers are the most gifted Christmas present in history
  • Self-published authors, Jock Locke and Amanda Hocking, have both sold over 1 million ebooks.

The world of book publishing is being turned upside down. Authors no longer need to seek permission and sponsorship from traditional publishing companies. They can format their own book and upload it directly to online book stores, including Amazon.

If you want to publish a book, you can. But should you?