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Today I went to the “Launchpad” day of the KPI Programme.

KPI in this instance stands for Key Person of Influence programme. I don’t know if you have ever heard of KPI, but my friend Darshana (who I interviewed last year in this very blog) is now Head of Business at Entrevo UK, and they are the company who run the programme.

The KPI programme is an intense programme for entrepreneurs and business owners and is based on a book called “Become a Key Person of Influence” by Daniel Priestley.

When the book came out I was lucky enough to get a copy as I participated in an offer run by the publishers.

So, I have the book, isn’t that enough?

I was in my office and Susan was in hers and she interviewed me about blogging. Afterwards we met for dinner and drink to celebrate – in real life! Now looking back and reading the funny transcript, I can see that there are some background noise issues to sort out for next time, but I am glad to say I have done my first Google Hangout webinar and will be doing more! Watch below!

Youth Marketing Strategy Event – 2013 – some highlights from my day of live tweeting

I was asked to run the @youthstrategy Twitter account on April 16th. So I was there, all day, tweeting away, and listening to awesome speakers talk about how brands can more effectively market to young people – kids, teens, students, young adults. I also wrote this post about live tweeting which will help anyone else who plans to be doing live tweeting at an event. You can read that here.

But for this post I wanted to share some interesting stats which I hope you will find fascinating!

My takeaways from the event

Ever wanted to attend a small but perfectly formed social media workshop with me, but were too shy to ask?

I am not bragging but I have found myself in demand a little bit lately. It’s a nice feeling. Maybe because I know lots of people, maybe because people like me, and maybe because I love what I do. I am getting more and more booked up with one to one social media training and this sends my efficiency bells ringing.

I decided to take a risk and schedule out a bit of time in my diary for small group workshops. If you want to know why I think it’s a risk, comment below and I will explain. But for now let’s get to the point about these workshops.

Can you feel it? It’s a big week – a week where London celebrates social media, with all sorts of events going on. I am fortunate enough to be speaking at three of them. Ok, only one of them is an “official” event but still. You can follow along on Twitter if you don’t feel like actually travelling all over London to the events. The hashtag is #SMWLDN

On the 18th of May, Alicia Cowan and I went to Brighton to run our now famous “Social Media – can you afford to ignore it?” workshop – which we have now run over 6 times (with the Twitter hashtag #dontignoreit). The reason we went to Brighton is because we had 2 girls from our December seminar -Emma and Esme from My Special PA – come up to us as and ask us if we would like to consider taking the course to Brighton. They had found our workshop so enlightening they could see it being of huge value to the Brighton business community.

On the 23-26 of March, 2012, Alicia Cowan and I were lucky enough to go to Lake Como to work on social media strategy and content planning for an amazing business – The Lake Como Wedding Planner.

This fantastic wedding planning business is run by Rachel Birthistle Cooke, who provides amazing experiences for wedding couples and their guests in the gorgeous Lake Como area as well as Tuscany.

In addition to experiencing the amazing scenery and eating amazing food, going for walks and runs around the lake, and spending time with Rachel and her family,  we worked with the team to create a blog and Facebook strategy mapped out for the next 6 months. We also setup and implemented and systems that will enable them to continue sharing their expertise, passion and experiences of organising exceptional weddings in Italy through social media for much longer.