Startup website offer - start as you mean to go on

It’s not easy to make a project fit into a small budget. Anyone who runs a business will tell you that “budget wiggle room” gives freedom and breathing space.

We were asked by our SEO specialist Tom Andrews to create an offer for a startup website for the budget of £1500+VAT total.

Note: Our normal full websites projects cost significantly more, because of the time we spend with our clients and the time we spennd creating them They are bespoke, hand coded, responsive, and integrated with custom WordPress.

But if we could create a smaller version of that, could it still be a good option?

Of course it would be! I have seen many clients with single page sites launch their businesses, attract clients, and make a great impression to launch their business. And adding 4 extra pages of information, carefully planned and designed conciously, CAN be done efficiently, with our guidance.

It doesn’t have to cost 5 times as much.

Startup Website Offer: “Start as you mean to go on”.

We’re including: Briefing, bespoke design and responsive code for up to 5 pages, with 2 sets of changes overall, including WordPress integration so you can update the site yourself. More importantly a chance to work with us at TLD! We’re great, if I do say so myself!

You’ll also get: A manual showing you how to update the site, and extra guidance on social media. We will give you all the login designs for the site, and if you need us in future, we can help, but the site will be built using widely used code – HTML/CSS and WordPress.

Why did we create this offer?

We designed this option to allow us to work effectively and create something unique, professional and effective in each new website. We wrote a simpler brief, bringing in our experience and skills on what can be done.
Our offer is called “Start as you mean to go on” and is, strictly speaking, a startup offer”. So, it could be a for a start up company.

However, it’s bespoke – meaning not from a template or a theme, but from real conversations and purpose. The design will be completely unique. There’s a lot of flexibility in that. So, you can also use this as a microsite to support one of your services or products, or a personal branding website.

With creative thinking and smart strategy, this will be powerful and help you make the impression you need to – to attract clients, social influence, and new opportunities.

Full details of this offer are here: Start as you mean to go on

If you want to talk about it, and ask some questions, let’s book a call! Simply email and mention “Start as you mean to go on” and we can book a time to talk!

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