8 reasons why we sent our newsletter on the Friday before the end of October

Posted by Keren Lerner

Halloween Newsletter 2011 - Top Left Design's amazing masterpiece - one of many

We have just sent our latest newsletter masterpiece and this newsletter was dedicated to the number 8. We all worked on it – writing copy, coming up with all the little details, checking for typos, putting together the HTML and images – a real team effort! Thanks to all those who helped with proofreading our test previews!

It was crucial we sent it out yesterday, before Halloween weekend. Let me explain with 8 reasons:

Friday before Halloween – our newsletter is very much Halloween themed. We have our TLD owls dressed up in pumpkin costumes.

Henry the Octopus – as it’s the end of  October we wanted to create a new character for our TLD zoo – an Octopus. We named him Henry and put a moustache on him. This is him without the moustache!

Henry the Octopus

End of the month and nearly “Movember” – Every year, Michael grows his moustache to raise money for charity as part of November. Have a look at his “Movember Mike” website – we welcome all donations! This means we have to explain to any clients who come and visit us why he has a thick “mo” but it’s worth it, and our clients are really understanding. We also wanted to link to our team page – as we have 8 members of our team now – and also because we updated team page with moustaches in time for November (or Movember)

Tamlyn is off to run the NY Marathon – we needed to let every one know that she is off – before she went – so all sorts of positive vibes could help her in this grueling run! And so, we featured this in our newsletter.

Cupcakes - Tamlyn is also the genius behind our amazing illustration work and also our branded cupcakes. We first discovered her unique talent when she made lunch and cupcakes for us on a “Make My Lunch” day, which is a thing we do here at Top Left Design – we have lunches where one member of the team makes lunch for the others. One day, she made branded cupcakes for us and we definitely wanted to have her make them in time for Halloween!

Tamlyn holds up 2 cupcakes - branded with our TLD owls

Halloween cupcakes - warning - some of these have fangs

Weekend reading – we know that on weekends it’s time for relaxation and this is why we want our newsletter readers to be able to sit back and read our newsletter in a relaxed fashion over the weekend. Or, on a Friday afternoon when they getting ready to finish work for the week. Or, when they get in on a Monday morning, before the madness of the week happens. So, Friday afternoon was the perfect time!

8 websites - As we dedicated the newsletter to the number 8 (based on the month October) we wanted to showcase 8 new websites we launched since our last newletter. We may be launching a couple more next week so we didn’t want to risk having too many showcased sites! Clever, huh?

The number 8 - this is the 8th reason – I think it is apt to dedicate the last reason to the number 8. Simple, yet effective, don’t you think?


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